School Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Robertson County Schools Virtual Option

Feeding Program

Revised September 9, 2020

1.     When will this program begin?

Beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020, breakfast and lunch meals will be available for pickup two times weekly.  Meals for two days, Monday and Tuesday, will be available on Monday of each week; meals for three days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, will be available on Wednesday.  When in person school is not in session on a scheduled pickup day, an alternate day will be designated.  An example would be Monday, September 7 and Monday, September 21.  A breakfast and lunch meal will be available on Tuesday, September 8, and September 22.  The normal schedule would resume on Wednesday.

2.     When will meal orders need to be placed?

Meal orders will need to be placed by Tuesday morning at 10:00 am of the week prior to meals being requested.  To place an order email with the following information:

Student Name, Name of person picking up meals, relationship to student, location to be used for meal pickup, allergies

3.     Will the student need to be present to pick up the meals?

The Tennessee School Nutrition Program, under authority from USDA, has granted a waiver request to allow parents/guardians to pick up meals without the students being present.  For the meal to be picked up, the student’s name will be required to verify enrollment in the Virtual Option Program.  If someone other than the parent/guardian of the student will pick up the meal, written approval from the parent/guardian must be on file.

4.     Do students not enrolled in Robertson County virtual school qualify for this?

Only students enrolled in the Robertson County Schools virtual option program may participate in this program.

5.     Will we have to enter the building, or can we pick up curbside?

Meals will be available curbside.  You will not need to enter the building. 

6.     Is there a cost for the meal?

On a temporary basis, beginning September 8, 2020, all meals, breakfast and lunch, will be served to all students at no cost.  After December 31, 2020, or if notified by USDA before then, this temporary program will end.  Once this temporary program ends, the Board approved meal prices will be in effect.

All breakfast meals in Robertson County Schools are served at no cost to the students.

 The cost for the lunch meal is the board approved price and is the same for all students, in person or virtual.  All students approved for free or reduced meal status or who attend a Community Eligible School eat at no cost.  Other elementary students pay $2.25; middle school students pay $2.50; high school students pay $2.75. 

If you do not know your student’s meal status or if you need help with a free and reduced meal application, please contact the School Nutrition Program office at 615-384-5588 or email  You can also visit to fill out a confidential on-line application.

7.     What will the menu look like?

The menu is available on the Robertson County Schools
        website under the School Nutrition Program link. 

8.     Where will we be able to pick up meals?

Beginning Monday, September 14, 2020, meals will be available for pick up at the following schools:

Greenbrier High School, White House Heritage Elementary School, East Robertson High School, Jo Byrns High School, Coopertown Middle School, Krisle Elementary, Crestview Elementary School, and Cheatham Park Elementary School. 

Effective Monday, September 14, 2020, Greenbrier Middle School, Westside Elementary School, and Springfield Middle School have been eliminated as pickup sites.   

9.     What time are meals available for pick up?

Meals will be available to be picked up at the designated locations from 9:30 to 10:00.

10. What if I work during pickup times?  Is there an alternative time?

An arrangement can be made to pick up meals at a central location at a later time, if necessary.  Notify when meals are ordered if a later pickup time is needed. 

11. May we pick up at a site other than where our child attends school?

Meals can be picked up at the most convenient location for your family.

12. What if we have multiple students at different schools?

All meals for your family can be picked up at one school. 

13. What if we order meals and an emergency comes up and we cannot pick up that day?

We certainly understand that sometimes emergencies happen, and this would not be a problem.  However, food is ordered, and meals prepared based upon ordering information.  If an ordered meal will not be picked up, please notify 

14. What if my student has allergies?  Will a special meal be provided?

The Robertson County School Nutrition Program provides reasonable accommodations for students with food allergies when documented by a medical professional.  Gluten free food items are available when needed.



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